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You have been dating Harry for about 4 and a half years and you just knew that he was the one. Your little sister had just graduated high school and you went back to Canada to be there for her. Also you haven’t seen your family in a while so you decided to spent a month and a half there. Harry was on tour so you wouldn’t have missed sitting at home all alone.

One direction was coming to Toronto so you decided to drive there to see him. Before you drove down you did your hair how you wanted it to look at the concert and wore your concert clothes because you were going to go to sound check and stay at the arena basically as soon as you got there.



Little did you know Harry had invited your parents but told them not to tell you. When you got to Toronto you went straight to the hotel that the boys are staying at. When you got to Harry’s room you knocked and Harry immediately answered

"Y/n! I missed you so much" he said attacking you in a hug

"I miss you soo Haz" you said laughing slightly

You went further into the room and saw the rest of the 1D guys along with the 5SOS guys hugging all of them you sat down and just talked until you all had to go to the arena for sound check.

While the guys did their thing you sat backstage with Eleanor, Perrie, Sophia, and Lou just talking and catching up with each other. The girls were acting a bit weird but you just brushed it off. Soon enough it was time to start. All the seats were filled and they started playing the little intro video. Right before they went on stage Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Harry all came over to us and we wished them good luck.

As the concert went on the audience was getting louder and louder. Usually they would run around the stage being them and being weird but this time it was a little different they were jumping around being weird at the beginning but half way through they became almost serious.

"Today I want to do something different" Harry spoke up

"Before we sing this next song Harry here would like to bring up a special guest" Niall spoke next

"Y/n? Can you come out here?" You were hesitant but El, Perrie, and Sophia were pushing you up on stage.

Louis, Liam, and Zayn got you a stool to sit on and a mic

"This next song we’re  going to sing is Strong" Harry said and then the music started playing. Strong is your favourite song on the ‘Midnight Memories’ album. The whole time Harry couldn’t keep his eyes off you. As the song came to an end Harry walked right over to you and held his hand out for you to take it.

"Y/n, you’re my best friend, my love, my everything. I have loved you from the moment I met you. Everyday when I wake up beside you and see your loving face I can’t halo but think how lucky I am to have you. I love that you always call my an idiot and I love your laugh and the way your eyes sparkle when your truly happy. I love the way it looks like you have no eyes when someone makes you smile your real smile. I love that even through all the hate and rumours you are still standing here right beside me supporting me. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without you in it. I want to wake up everyday for the rest of my life with you right beside me. Please Y/n will you do the honour of saying yes to this? Will you marry me?" Harry said getting down on one knee pulling out the most amazingly beautiful engagement ring. I was absolutely speechless. I nodded yes.

"Sorry what was that? I don’t think everybody saw?" Louis spoke up.

"Yes! Yes yes a million times yes!" You said hugging Harry as we put the ring on your finger.

"I love you, so much" he said kissing you the crowed went wild when he did that.

"I love you too. I better let you get back to your concert" you handed Zayn back his mic and walked off stage. When you got to the girls you guys squealed.

"Aww were you surprised?" Perrie asked

"You guys knew?" You asked

"Well yeah" Sophia said

"You think the guys can keep a secret from us. You know Louis tells me everything Zayn tells Perrie everything and Liam tell Sophia everything. And we all know that Harry tells you everything well expect for this and the boys tell each other absolutely EVERYTHING! " El explained

Soon enough the concert was over and you were all sitting in the dressing room talking when there was a knock on the door. You got up and answered and and saw your family.

"You guys were here!" You asked surprised

"Well of course sweetie. Harry here asked my permission and we couldn’t miss seeing him propose to you" you dad said.

You were so happy that your family was here and that you were engaged to Harry. The rest of the night everybody went out to dinner and after that your family had to go home and you, the boys, and the girls all went back to your hotel. 

~Kaeleigh’s P.O.V.

(Age 16)

Today was the last day of school! I was sitting in class just waiting for the bell to ring. 5 more minutes and it’s summer! I was just clicking my pen hearing mumbles all around me. After what seemed like hours the bell finally rung. I gathered my things and when to my locker. I was taking the rest of my stuff down when my best friend Ava came up behind me.

"Hey! Omg it’s finally summer!" she squealed.

"I know. I can’t believe that finally we are out of school for summer!" I said excitedly as I was putting the last thing in my bag.

Ava and I only live 4 houses apart and only 4 blocks away from school so we decided to walk home. As we were walking, we were talking about everything. We were talking about all the things that we were planning on doing this summer. As we were walking closer to my house I noticed that there was a car in front of the house that didn’t belong to any of my parents. At first I didn’t think much of it, my parents probably just had some friends over. When we were front of my house I turned to Ava and said bye.

"Byee Av. Text me." I said hugging her

"Byee Kae. I will." She said hugging me back

After our little goodbye hug I walked up to the door. When I got inside I took off my shoes and put them neatly in the closet and brought my school bag upstairs. I came down stairs and when into the kitchen to get food, while I was doing that I could hear voices in the living room. When I walked into the living room I noticed that Kris and Bruce Jenner were sitting on the couch. A million questions were flying through my head, but I couldn’t say anything because I was too shocked.

"Kaeleigh. Hunny, can you come sit down?" my mom asked me. I walked over and sat down beside her.

"Hi Kaeleigh" Kris spoke up.

"Umm hi?" I said confused.

"Kaeleigh dear. I know you’re probably wondering what we are doing in your house." Bruce spoke.

"Remember when you were 10 and found some papers in my office?" my dad ask me.


(Age 10)

Today I’m finally turning 10! I woke up to my mom, dad, and sister Alex singing me happy birthday.

Right now I’m having my special birthday breakfast. After I finished my breakfast I got to open my presents. This year I got a new iPod, some earrings, and a new edition of my favourite book.My parents gave me one more thing…an envelope.

"Umm mom, dad, what is this?" I asked them

"Just open it and you will see Hunny" my mom told me

I opened the envelope and inside was what looked like a birth certificate. I looked closer at it and saw that it was mine. I read over it and when I looked at were your parents are supposed to sign it didn’t say my mom and dad’s names. It said Kris where my mom’s name was supposed to be and where my dad’s name was supposed to be it said Bruce.

"What are you trying to tell me?" I asked

"Kaeleigh, sweetie. You’re adopted." my mom trailed off

"Um okaay. Can I have a minute?" I asked getting up

When I reached my room I cried. I cried and cried until I was all out of tears. I always thought I was actually part of this family, that I had a perfect life, but it turns out that my life has been a lie. I just can’t believe it.

After a little while my mom came in.

"Kae…I’m sorry we didn’t tell you earlier. We just didn’t want you to be upset and we wanted you to understand better." My mom told me.

I kinda understood why she waited to tell me, but at the same time I’m a little disappointed that she waited so long. Knowing my mom she probably wasn’t ready and only wanted what is best for me, but in this case I think she waited because she was scared of losing me.

"Its okay mom. I understand. Umm soo can you tell me a little about my birth family?" I asked her

"Sure okay where do I start…" she began telling me the story. She told me about my mom Kris and my dad Bruce.

After she told me a lot about them, I really wanted to meet them. She told me about how nice and caring they are, and how much they love me. My mom told me i couldn’t meet the until i was older, i couldn’t wait!

~end of flashback~

"Uhh yeah why?" I asked thinking back to that day.

"Remember how on your birth certificate our names weren’t written for your parents?" my mom asked

"Yeah…" I trailed off

"Kaeleigh I’d like you to meet your birth parents. Kris and Bruce Jenner." my dad spoke

"R-really? Kris and Bruce Jenner are my parents? I’m really a Jenner?" I asked not believing it

"Yes darling. I’m sorry you had to wait 16 years for you to know but we just didn’t want you to be raised in the spot light." Kris said

We talked for a few more hours. I got to ask question about my birth family and why they put me up for adoption. I already knew that Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner were my sisters because if Kris and Bruce Jenner are my parents then its kinda obvious. Since it was summer break and I didn’t have to go back to school until September my mom and dad said I could go stay with my birth parents for the summer and learn more about my birth family.


Michael Jackson

Harry Styles

I see no difference